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No idea of trading the markets? Or too many losses? You wonder how to invest in a low yields environment and would like to profit from the performance of a daytrading pro? The solution is ayondo. With the aid of ayondo you can build a portfolio of up to 5 professional daytraders and profit from their trading experience. ayondo has two functions: it is a so called social trading network like eToro, on the other hand you can use ayondo markets as your preferred forex, futures and cfd broker without having to take advantage of the social trading function. In comparison to other social trading platforms with ayondo each and every trader has to go through a severe certification process in order for investors to get sure they are not investing in an amateur, or even at least they know when they are doing this. As an ayondo member you can build up your portfolio with up to 5 Top Traders and "follow" them, as a result their trades are being mirrored on your account 1:1. With ayondo markets you can not only trade currencies but CFDs, Stocks, Certificates, Futures and Precious Metals. As trading is possible from 0.01 Lot even small investors with only $100 have a chance to build up a successful portfolio.

Follow your Top Trader!

When choosing the right trader you can select from various criteria. Some traders are called "Realmoney Trader" as they trade their own and real money. These traders mostly pay high attention to their balance and their risk and money management as they don't want to lose their own money. In this webinar consisting of 2 parts you are shown how to use the social trading platform and how to choose traders that you can add to your portfolio.

How to choose a Top Trader

If you would like to add a new trader to your portfolio you should first of all have a look at their longterm performance, which means at least for 1 year. This is to prevent you from adding a gambling freak that tries to impress new followers by a stunning performance in a short period of time, but mostly these freaks wipe off their acocunts pretty fast. Secondly you should have look at their draw down level which should not go under 25%, 10% is quite a good figure. This level shows you how deep your trader was diving into his loss sequence and how long it took them to get out of it again. If he, for example, startet with a $10.000 account and suffered losses up to $7.500 until he started his recovery, his draw down is 25%. In the next step you can select your trader according to their trading experience and according to their account type. Real Money Trader are recommended as they mostly pay high attention to their balance and they have implemented a proper risk and money managemend for fear of losing their real money. You can easily recognize them by a big letter "R" in their profile picture.

Position Size

The position size of the Top Traders is always broken down to fit your account size, which means, if a Top Trader opens a trade on their $100.000 account with 4 Lots and your balance shows only $1000, so your copied trade will only open 0.4 Lots in order not to over-leverage your account. When spotting your Top Trader you can choose whether you want to have their trades copied automatically on your account or if you want to trade their signals for yourself. We highly recommend to use the auto copy function as every experienced trader uses a certain strategy and a certain risk and moneymanagement which under normal circumstances shouldn't be interrupted by a third person with no idea of the respective strategy. Minimum deposit with ayondo is from $/€/GBP 100.

Never all eggs in one basket

You can add up to 5 Top Traders to your portfolio which means you can split your risk to several traders. If you do so, please mind that you choose traders that trade different assets - it doesn't make any sense to add 5 traders that all trade the EURUSD in different directions. Before you have them trade your real money you can simulate your portfolio which shows you a possible result assumed that every chosen trader stick to their strategy and money management.

ayondo TradeHub

Even if you don't want to take advantage of the social trading platform you can use ayondo markets as a top forex, futures and CFD broker. The following video shows you how to set up and handle the TradeHub platform, which is interesting for all those who want to work as a signal provider and make money with ayondo.

Trading Career

If you want to start your trading career with ayondo you have to go through a certification process that involves 5 levels: Street trader, Advanced Trader, Professional Trader, Risk-adjusted Trader and Institutional Trader. The traders with the highest career stages get the most followers and earn the most money. According to your career level you can earn up to 1 to 5 USD per Lot.


There's no fees whatsoever for using the ayondo platform. But as we have learned before, the best traders want to be rewarded for their profitable trading signals, this is why they get a fixed commission from ayondo. The higher the trading volume the higher their commission. This is why every ayondo trader will always try to perform as good as possible and try to attract as many followers as possible.

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.