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The Online Broker WH Selfinvest resides in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This broker is regulated by the Bafin (Germany) and has a commissionaire license as well as a portfolio manager license by the Luxemburg Ministry of Finance. WH Selfinvest is highly appreciated by their clients. In a poll, executed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in April 2014 WH Selfinvest won the first place as a futures broker, the second place for cfd trading and the third place for forex trading. If you want to open an account please go to the end of this page and print the respective future trading or cfd/forex document. If you are looking for a reliable and serious trading partner that offers its business for many years to many satisfied customers WH Selfinvest should be the broker of your choice. The company is supervised by the Luxemburg Commission for the Surveillance of the Financial Services Sector and provides their financial services in 28 countries. As an European online Broker WH Selfinvest has to stick to severe quality standards and is investigated regularly by 2 independent audit firms. Security of the platform, speed, service and provisions have to be announced on the website and in advertisments. By using WH Selfinvest you count on a reliable and serious partner in the fields of forex, futures and cfd trading, that is regulated and controlled under serverest circumstances. In addition the money of the clients with an European Broker is to be deposited with a segregated bank account - so with WH Selfinvest. This means that in the case of insolvency of the broker your money is safe and the broker is only reliable with their own equity. WH Selfinvest is no market maker - this is why the client can rely on market prices that aren't manipulated by the broker. WH Selfinvest clients trade the prices provided by the 15 big banks.

Trading with WH Selfinvest

WH Selfinvest offer their clients almost unlimited trading options. Minimum deposit is 2.500 USD. The deposit is not transferred to the broker itself but to an independet bank account with postbank or barclays. As an investor you have the choice between the following financial instruments:

  • CFDs
  • Forex
  • Futures

As a trader you can easily set on rising or falling rates of stocks, indices and commodities by means of CFDs (Contract for Difference). If the trader for example buys stocks in forms of cfds he isn't the actual possessor of the stocks but has the right to profit from rising or falling rates when the stocks are being sold or bought. The big advantage of CFDs compared to traditional stocks is that they can be sold short as well which means that one can even make money when the stock price falls.

Commodity Trading with WH Selfinvest

By means of CFDs and/or Futures you have access to many commodities:

  • Crude oil, gas, heating oil, natural gas
  • Gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium
  • Cocoa, coffee, sugar, orange juice, live stock, pork, cotton, soybean, corn, wheat

Please bear in mind that most of these commodities are only available on the WHS Pro- and Future Station. Metatrader 4 is mainly for trading currencies.

Using the leverage

As with other forex brokers you needn't deposit the whole value of the chosen instrument. The broker just needs a small margin as a security payment. If you would like to invest for example in stock CFDs you just need to deposit 10 per cent of the actual trading amount, with commodities it is even only 5 per cent or less. An example: If you want to buy BMW stocks worth 43.000 Euros you just have to deposit 4.300 (10 %) as a security. The leverage with WH Selfinvest is thus 1:100. WH Selfinvest has recently implemented the Metatrader 4 Platform for Forex Traders.

DAX30-CFD trading - 24/5

To date it wasn't possible for traders to trade DAX round the clock because of the markets' opening hours. This is new with WH Selfinvest: Trade 24/5 DAX30. Now you can open positions at night or before the acutal opening hour if you expect any signals from the market in the opening. With WH Selfinvest you can choose a so called "guaranteed stop loss" which means you don't need to worry about gaps. Your stop will be executed at the predefined level anyway. Close your DAX Trade in the night if something bad in world happens.

Trading Software with WH Selfinvest

WH Selfinvest provide their own trading solution - the WHS ProStation. This software is highly configurable and offers the possibility of seting alarms or trade automatically. The WHS ProStation is available as a software and a web based solution. So you don't need to download the software if you rather want to trade from any pc in the world or you can even trade from your Apple Mac computer. Just log in and start trading. If you would like to test this very lean, fast and clear trading software feel free to try it in the demo mode as long as you want. WH Selfinvest has implemented 45 automatic or semi automatic trading strategies for the pro station, all of which are free for WH Selfinvest customers. Recently WH Selfinvest has added the Metatrader 4 platform for forex traders who want to profit from the excellent price action and order execution of this broker in the forex market. From now on you can trade Russian Rubel in 2 pairs: GBP/RUB and RUB/JPY.

WHS Managed Account

WH Selfinvest offers a Managed Account with 6 different trading strategies. If you haven't got the time to learn trading or you want to rely on long term profitable results you can take advantage of the WHS Managed Account. All these strategies work in bull markets as well as in bear markets. If you are interested in the WHS Managed Account you have to fund your account with at least 15.000 USD.

Trading Futures with WH Selfinvest

By means of the WHS FutureStation the investor can trade manually, semi-automatic or full automatic futures. Order execution is via the ultra speed WHS Server. The platform provides chart analyses and execution of orders at once - all within one single software.

Cloud trading

With WH Selfinvest you can host your trading application online. This is recommendable for all those using an EA which needs to run round the clock or a Mac Machine. The cloud trading solution is available for the WHS Future station and MT4. This solution has a high quality standard and is more stable than your desktop PC. With 2 trades per day this service is free of charge.

autochartist Trade Ideas

Like with FXPRIMUS with WH Selfinvest you can use autochartist.com for free. WHS autochartist trade ideas is scanning 17 forex pairs in realtime in order to detect chart patterns and generate trading signals. If the software recognizes a certain chart pattern the user gets a message. You will be provided with an entry signal, an exit signal as well as a take profit and stop loss level.

Trading Forex with 126 Currency pairs

When trading Forex with WH Selfinvest you can choose between a commission based model or a spread based model. The spread with WH Selfinvest is extremely low and variable. It depends on the volatility of the market and the trading time. With all majors you have to pay a minimum spread of 1 pip and with the minors 3 pips. The maximum spread is between 3 and 8 pips - according to the currency pair and the volatility of the market. You don't need to worry that this broker takes more than that. Leverage is 1:100 which means that you can trade 100 times your deposit.

Open Account

Open your futures or CFD and/or forex trading account with WH Selfinvest and start trading with this reliable online broker today. Just fill out the respective formular and send it to WH Selfinvest.

If you are a non-professional futures trader please make sure to fill out and print this Non-Professional Self-Certification Form in order to profit from a reduced data feed price. Please note that this applies only to FUTURES Trading clients:

Print and fill out your Forex and CFD or Futures form and send it to:

291 Route d’Arlon
L 1150 Luxemburg

Thorsten Helbig trades with WH Selfinvest

Rating WH Selfinvest (Website)
4 Stars "Good" is the best futures broker. Please note that there's a reserve liability and that the MT4 account lacks some assets. FutureStation is the best trading platform available.

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