Forex and CFD Trading with FCA Regulation and tight spreads.


This Forex and CFD Broker is regulated by the German BaFin and the British FCA. This fast and reliable Forex Broker excels by various trumps in comparison to other forex brokers. GKFX offers the MyFX Console to their clients, a nice add on for the Metatrader 4 platform. This very useful add on for the MT4 allows a proper risk- and moneymanagement and full control over your trades. For the MyFX console there is a full introduction video available on the GKFX homepage. Next to GKFX only FXPRIMUS clients can profit from a free MyFX Console. Next to this useful add on GKFX is characterized by a very low spread on the DAX (1 Point Spread from 08:00 - 22:00h MEZ and 2 points on the Dow Jones Index (0:00 - 24:00h). If you haven't got the big money yet - no problem with GKFX. This broker allows micro lot trading (0.01 Lot) where 1 pip EURUSD equals 0.10 USD. This is how you can make money even with a small trading account. The minimum deposit is just $100.

Tradeable Assets

If you come from trading the stock markets you will be overwhelmed by the possibilities of the CFD market offered by GKFX. With CFDs you can trade stocks at nearly no costs. Whereas stocks can only be traded in one direction (BUY) with CFDs you can easily make money in the other direction as well (SELL) On UK shares you don't have any stamp duty. With GKFX you have the choice between 500 stock CFDs, Indices and 100 forex pairs. It doesn't matter if you would like to trade stocks, currencies or indices, GKFX can be the broker of your choice. Don't forget that it is very important to have some assets available as an indicator (e.g. oil and treasuries.) even if you don't want to trade them.


GKFX is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the number 501320 and registered in England (Wales) as a Ltd under number 6837942. Futhermore GKFX is regulated in Australia (ASIC, registration number 421210), in Japan, Hong Kong and Germany (BaFin). All client funds are 100 % segregated.

  • FCA (GB)
  • ASIC (Australia)
  • JFSA (Japan)

Account Types

If you are new to Forex and/or CFD market you should start with a free demo account in order to learn trading with a certain strategy. If you have never traded before you will be overwhelmed by the possibilities of making or losing a lot of money in a short period of time. Once you have learned a certain stratey and established a good risk and moneymanagement start with a live account. 100 USD or Euros are enough for practicing but if you want to live from your trading be prepared to fund your accout with at least 10.000 USD/EUR/GBP. This is the time to open a standard account. If you don't have that much money start with the micro account, where you can trade micro lots (0.01) and start step by step trading with real money. People of islamic faith can open a swap free account, according to sharia law. The spread on the swap free account is 2.5 pips and the minimum lot size is 0.1 (1 minilot). You won't have any rollover or swap fees with this account. If you want to open a swap free micro lot account please get in touch with your account manager. All accounts can be held in EUR/USD/GBP. If you are a money manager and want to trade several accounts of your customers/friends/relatives please open a MAM account.

VPS Server Solution

GKFX offers you a reserved private area on a hardware server. From this VPS Server you can run your MT4 EA 24/7 without interruption. So your automated system can even trade at night when you sleep and you won't miss any trading signal. The costs will be shared with other traders that applied for the VPS Service. In order to get your VPS space for free you have to fund your account with a certain amount of money and trade a certain amount of lots per month. Please get in touch with your account manager. This is how a VPS system works:


Minimum Deposit and Leverage

The minimum deposit, as already mentioned, is 100 Euro/GBP/USD, so you can start as a beginner with a small account of money and learn forex and cfd trading from scratch at low risk. The leverage with GKFX is 1:400 which means you can move 400 times your deposit, which is 40.000 USD/GBP/EURO with a tiny deposit of just 100 USD/GBP/EURO!

Social Trading: MyInvest

You don't want to learn the complex techniques of technical analysis or you just want to have the pro's trade your money? You are not mentally stable enough to see your money come and go? No problem with GKFX, this broker offers a social trading solution which is similar to eToro. Just log into the social trading environment MyInvest and search it for the trader of your choice. Have a look at their performance and choose the best one or just put them on a watchlist. If you want, you can "follow" this trader and his or her trades are being copied on your own trading account. Please make sure to choose a trader that has a steady trading performance and that he trades for at least one year successfully.

Trading Platforms

GKFX counts on the robust and stable MT4 platform which is loved by many traders all over the world. Within the Metatrader platform you have already many indicators and oscillators available and there is a large community where you can download even more. The next big advantage of the MT4 platform is the possibility of running Expert Advisors, many of which are downloadable for free in the metaquotes forum or if you can just program your own EA. Next to that, MT4 is perfectly extensible: GKFX offer their clients the MyFX add on for free! With the MyFX console, implemented in your Metatrader 4 platform you can execute:

  • Onclick-Trading: Click and go!
  • Oneclick Break Even: One Click and your trade is riskless
  • Risklimit: Risk per Trade in $ and per cent
  • S/L and T/P in pips
  • OCO and many more functions!

If you don't know yet the MyFX Platfom just have a look at the GKFX-Homepage, there's a good introdution video available.

GKFX Webtrader

No download or installation necessary: Take advantage of the GKFX webtrader and trade from any computer in the world - you just need an internet connection. The drag and drop platform is very comfortable and easy to use. The web trader is based on flash so make sure your flash plugin is up to date. Of course, the webtrader can be used with a Mac system as well so you won't need to install the seperate MT4 for Mac. If you just want to try it out open a free demo account to see it working live. Big advantage: If you love using automatic trailing stops this will be platform of your choice as you don't have run you computer like with an MT4.

Trading with your Mac

If the Apple Mac is your best friend and you don't want to renounce on it when trading the forex there is a solution available. GKFX offers an additional tool called "Wine Bottle" by the help of which you can install the Metatrader 4 platform on your Mac without having to install the nasty Windows OS. When it comes to smartphone solutions you will be spoilt for choice between Apps for your iPhone, iPad, as well as all Android smartphones and tablets.

MT4 Booster

If you want to trade more efficiently just go for the GKFX MT4 Booster. This tool has even more functions than the MYFX console and offers very important data concerning your trading plan. It is comparable to the Admiral Markets Supreme Edition and provides you with the same functions. The MT4 Booster will show you important information about your CRR before entering a trade, helps you defining the best position size and shows you your risk in per cent. The MT4 Booster is great asset to your trading plan. If you are already familiar with forex trading you might know: Without a proper risk- and moneymanagement you won't have any chance on the market. it is absolutely important to know your risk and profit level and stick to your own rules. MT4 Booster will help you to apply it. MT4 Booster shoots a screenshot whenever a trade is closed so that you can evaluate your trades afterwards in your trading diary. For all of you who fund their accounts with at least 5.000 EUR/GBP/USD the MT4 Booster is free of charge! Unfortunately the Booster doesn't run on a Mac Machine as it needs a Microsoft Windows environment. MT4 Booster consist of:

  • Alarm Manager (6 different types of alters)
  • Trade Terminal (Trade & Risk calculators and analysis functions)
  • Correlation matrix (Discover correlations between different trading instrumens)
  • Correlation Trader (Compare market charts and trade from the tool)
  • Sentiment Trader (Shows general trading sentiment moods in the market)
  • Market Manager (Gives full control over the symbol watch list)
  • Session Map (Shows you a market overview throughout the different stock markets and time zones)
  • Excel RTD (Helps you exporting your trading data into Excel)
  • Mini Terminal (Set your S/L and or T/P in pips or percentage in advance)


GKFX counts on longterm customers and this is why they will help you to become as successful as possible. GKFX offers webinars, videos and tutorials on a regular basis. As a GKFX customer you will receive a daily market anaysis in order to be prepared for your trading day. This daily analysis compromises both technical and fundamental point of views.

Rating GKFX (Website)
5 Stars "Very good" offers a large choice of add ons for the Metatrader 4 platform and many webinars and seminars with successful daytraders.

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.