STP Forex Trading with tight spreads and very fast order execution.


The STP Forex Broker FXPRIMUS is for many experienced forex traders one of the best forex brokers on the market and is considered to be a insiders’ tip. FXPRIMUS is neither a market maker nor a so called bucket shop. This broker is one of our best forex brokers reviewed. forexbroker-check.com trade one of their live accounts with FXPRIMUS. Experienced forex traders appreciate their reliability and the really low spread of only 0.3 pips or even less, depending on your account type (Classic or ECN). FXPRIMUS stands for fair trading conditions, transparency, safety of funds and first class support – both for institutional traders and private investors. Queries are being replied to within minutes – be it regarding your forex account, payment and withdrawal or the MetaTrader 4 platform. In contrast to other forex brokers FXPRIMUS do not trade against their customers but in accordance with them. With FXPRIMUS it is clear, that only a satisfied customer is a long and happy customer. This is why FXRPIMUS do their best to provide the best trading environment possible and offer fair trading conditions to their customers.


With FXPRIMUS you have the choice between two account types: Variable and ECN Premier, both of which with their own advantages and disadvanatages. For a professional forex daytrader we recommend the ecn premier account. Have a look at these spreads. In this account you have a tight spread of 0.1 - 0.5 pips and a commission of 9 USD/Lot. Within the variable account there is no commissions but a higher spread instead. Which account you should choose depends on your trading style. Scalpers will prefer the low interbank spread with commissions, swing and position trades won't have any problem to buy a higher spread. Microlots are even in Indices available. Compared to other brokers the spread in the Dow is very high with 4 points so if you want to trade indices you should go for another broker, for Admiral Markets for example.

Spread Table ECN Account FXPRIMUS

If you open a new account you will have to provide a copy of your identity card and a proof of residence in order to prevent money laundery. Once provided with the necessary documents your account will be approved within only 24 hours. If you want to trade under Sharia Law just open a swap free Sharia compliant account. Afterwards you won't have to pay swap fees (interest) on your open positions - on the other hand you won't get credited rollover fees.


Your can fund your trading account in several ways:

  • wire transfer
  • credit card
  • skrill
  • ClickandBuy
  • cashU
  • There's no fees on deposits and withdrawals whatsoever.

Forex Trading with FXPRIMUS

One thing becomes quickly clear as crystal: FXPRIMUS is part of the top FX brokers in the world. In order to start trading you just need to sign up with FXPRIMUS and download the Metatrader 4 Platform. With their headquarters in the financial metropolis of Cyprus and severe CySec regulation, FXPRIMUS is part of the very important european financial market. This STP-broker counts on advanced hard- and software technology in order to provide their customers the best trading environment possible. This is the reason why orders can be executed so fast and without slippage. Soft- and Hardware are tested to failure in order to provide their customers with a high end performance and durability. The platform was developed by Hedgefond managers where it matters that trades are being executed thousand times a day within milliseconds and without slippage. If you are a professional scalper you will like this platform. You won't have any re-quotes on this metatrader platform.

Safety of funds

With FXPRIMUS your funds are under unprecendet fund safety. Due to an agreement with Lloyd's your deposit is covered up to 2.5 Million dollar which is the highest standard in this industry.

FXPRIMUS Software: Metatrader (MT4)

FXPRIMUS use the MetaTrader4 (MT4) as their trading software. This is the most popular and most famous software amongst forex and CFD traders all over the world. The MT4 trading software offers the following advantages:

  • Trading of Forex, Futures and CFDs
  • Multiple Currency Trading
  • High performance, instant order execution
  • Elaborated backup system. In case of a loss of data the date can be recovered by means of a historical data base on a second MT4 server within seconds.
  • Security: Connection via 128 bit SSL encryption. This is to prevent your data from being spied out by a third party.
  • Multilingual: MT4 supports many languages.Flexible trading environment: MT4 provides many options to tailor your trading platform to your needs. From trade session to detailed features of the different financial instruments you have many settings available. FXPRIMUS offer a lot of tools in order to enhance your trading comfort with MT4 such as a Mini Terminal (risk manager included and real one click trading), trade terminal, smart lines (define trend lines as take profit/stop loss) and many more functions.

Just download this amazing trading software and start trading immediately. You can start with a free demo account.


If you want to trade from Mac Computer or a Linux machine - no problem at all. With FXPRIMUS you can trade via WebTrader and access your trading account from any place in the world, access to the internet provided. Just log on with your MT4 ID and your password. The Webtrader is fully synchronized with your Metatrader Account. You can open and close trades on either platform. Mobile trading solutions for your smartphone or any other mobile device are available.

Forex Webinars and weekly outlook

Learn forex trading from scratch and attend the useful forex webinars. In this video Mario explains how and when to trade the Aussi (AUDUSD). Don't miss to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well where you will get a full set of video tutorials from a beginner to a profi trader. Profit from the weekly outlook of Mario Singh and improve your performance and trading results.

Free MT4 EA Hosting

Metatrader MT4 EA hosting on a data center hosted server - free of charge for all FXPRIMUS clients with a live account. If you like to run an expert advisor and want to make sure that it runs without interruption 24/5 you should go for a data center hosted server or VPS solution. You just have to open a live account and trade 5 lots or pay a fee of $30 per month and your trades can run through high end servers that deliver a rapid trade execution. This hosting service is also a good service to have if you use trailing stops in your trading style. MT4 trailing stops only work when your Metatrader application is running - so in the event you have a trailing stop and your MT4 shuts down, the trailing stop function is not active anymore. With a MT4 client running on a server, you will be able to use trailing stops effectively since the servers are running your MT4 24/7.

MT4 Tools

Most important part of the MT4 tools provided is the MT4 booster package. It consists of the following items that will make your trading easier and more comfortable:

  • Alarm Manager: Can send you an alarm via sound, SMS or Email if the market hits any price level defined.
  • FXPRIMUS Connect: Connect your MT4 to different news streams and have a detailed statistics on your trading activity.
  • Market Manager: Gives you an overview over your open trades.
  • Mini Terminal: Enhanced one-click-panel with predefined stop los and take profit, risk management in percentage etc.
  • Sentiment Trader: Gives you an idea what other FXPRIMUS traders think at the moment.
  • Trade Terminal: Enhanced mini terminal and trade terminal, autmated trade management and more.

Regulation and Safety of Funds

FXPRIMUS is regulated by the CySec in Cyprus. The customer funds are stored with the British Barclays Bank in segregated accounts. In case of an insolvency your funds are covered with up to 2.5 Million Euros. FXPRIMUS gets its liquidity from many liquidity different providers. The so called FXPRIMUS trust accounts are available for any account type and size. Funds are administered seperately from the company's own fortune. FXPRIMUS is fully audited and undergoes annual audit.

SMS Alarm

If you don't have the time to scan the markets all day or if you don't feel at ease with technical analysis you can subscribe to the SMS Alarm and you will get a SMS on your smartphone as soon as a certain trading occasion is available. You just have to fund your account with at least 2000 USD. The SMS contains the entry level, the target and the possible profit in pips. Wherever you are in the world, the FXPRIMUS SMS trading signal reaches you in time and thus you can trade wherever and whenever you want.


FXPRIMUS knows that the success of a broker depends on a content trader who trades successfully – and not the other way round. This is why this broker offers a 24/7 support via chat, phone and email 5 days a week. Questions are always answered very promptly.

Rating FXPRIMUS (Website)
5 Stars "Very good" as a real STP Broker with tight spreads, unprecedented fund safety of 2.5 Million Euros and 2 different account models is highly recommended for forex scalpers.

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.