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The DMA-Broker for Scalper and small Accounts with full microlot trading.

GBE Brokers

Sick of requotes? Sick of stop fishing, slippage and bad customer support? Then the full EU regulated Broker GBE Brokers should be the broker of your choice. GBE Brokers is an execution only broker with a perfect trading environment for any trader. GBE Brokers has no dealing desk, your order is placed within milliseconds and as a scalper you won't have any problems with requotes. GBE Brokers is thus not trading against their customers but in harmony with them. According to their license, GBE Brokers is not allowed of market making so that GBE Brokers is a real and only A-Book-Broker. Why should I trade with GBE Brokers? The reason being that there's no better spread in the market and no faster execution, as their servers are placed near the wall street (Equinix NY4 Data Center) which results in a quite low latency.

ECN Quality and Trade Execution

GBE Brokers is not a so called market maker. A market maker is hedging your positions against you which results in a conflict of interest. Your losing trades are the winning trades of your broker. So a market maker will always try to steal your money with nasty chicanes such as stop fishing, slippage and requotes and you will suffer losses. In accordance with their license GBE Brokers is not allowed to do so. Learn from this video how and why GBE Brokers is no market maker and aims to trade in harmony with you:

Available Products

With GBE one can trade a large variety of not less than 50 currency pairs (Forex), Commodities and 12 CFDs. In comparison to other brokers order execution is by far more quicker which one can test by opening a demo account for free. Due to the fast order execution and their tight spreads, GBE Brokers is a perfect broker for Scalper. GBE Brokers is one of few brokers that offer full microlot trading on all instruments. This means you can trade the DAX, Dow, Bund Future etc. with a small position size of under 1 Euro/USD/GBP. This is why GBE Brokers is the perfect broker for trading beginners with small accounts who cannot afford trading mini or entire Lots.

Regulation and Security of Funds

GBE Brokers is licensed (category II) in Malta and regulated by the MFSA, License Number IS/57386. In accordance with MIFID regulation the company works with segregated accounts, so in the unlikely event of company's financial problems your money will be refunded with up to 100.000 Euros from your segregated account.

Lot sizes

GBE Brokers accepts a minimal deposit of $500, which is very low if you want to make a living out of your trading skills but which is perfect for the beginning. In order to give even beginners with such a small account size the chance to profit from this perfect environmet GBE Brokers allows trading in micro lots which means 0.01 Lot, so 1 Pip EURUSD = 0,10 USD even for trading indices. This is important for accounts below 5000 USD as it allows traders to scale in and out their positions and enables a serious stop and money management. Any trading style is allowed with GBE Brokers, including scalping and hedging!

Trading for a living

Please be advised that if you want to live from your trading account a minimum deposit of at least 10.000 USD is necessary, everything below is nice for practicing but not more.

Account types and sizes

There is no market making in any of the GBE Brokers account types. Every order is routed directly through the interbanking market. Nevertheless, GBE Brokers has 3 different account types with attractive trading and rebate conditions:

  • Classic account: Trade from $500 in ECN Quality with a spread of max. 1,9 Pips. The maximum Lot volume is 50 Lots, Microlots allowed. Choose between MT4 or MT5 Platform for free.
  • Premium account: Trade from $25.000 in ECN Quality with a spread of max. 1,2 Pips. The maximum Lot volume is 100 Lots, Microlots allowed. Choose between MT4 or MT5 Platform for free.
  • Institutional account: Trade from $250.000 in ECN Quality with a spread of max. 0,2 Pips. The maximum Lot volume is 250 Lots, Minimum Lotsize is 0,2 Lot. Choose between MT4 or MT5 Platform for free.

Your trading account can be held in EUR, USD or CHF. Payments and withdrawal can be made in these currencies as well. There's no fees whatsoever for payment or withdrawal! You can run your account in EUR, USD or CHF.

Autotrading and MyFXBook

If you are already familiar with the topic of social trading you might know that this is the best solution for novice traders or those who cannot afford to sit all day long in front of the computer. Similar to other social trading networks GBE Brokers offer their clients access to MyFXBook, the world's largest forum for currency trading from which you can choose a successful trader and follow their trades. Autotrade allows you to copy the trades from your preferred traders or EAs directly into your account. In comparison to other social trading platforms you will be sure to follow a real money account as demo accounts are not allowed on MyFXBook. You won't need any additional software as you can alter your settings within the MyFXBook platform. This service is free of charge, the professional daytraders and/or EAs just want 1 pip from you per trade. This is how you can follow the most successful MyFXBook traders:


With MyFXBook and GBE Brokers you can observe and copy other traders or automated trading systems via AutoTrade.


You are a professional daytrader and want to trade several accounts in the name of your customers, parents, relatives etc.? Then the GBE PAMM system should be the solution of your choice. When you open a trade on your master account, the same trade is executed on all subaccounts simultaneously. The lot size is broken down to the account size of your connected accounts. If you have running an automated trading system (EA) you can have this working on the PAMM System as well.

CNS VPS Solution

If you are a high volume scalper GBE Brokers has a nice extra deal on offer: take advantage of the dedicated CNS VPS Solution and get 35,12 USD CNS VPS Fee refunded every month as soon as your trading volume exceeds the 100 Lots.

Metatrader for Mac

With GBE Brokers you don't need to download a special software anymore or even install windows in order to run Metatrader on your Mac Computer. GBE Brokers as the first European Broker has developed a special Metatrader solution for Apple users. Just download the special Metatrader Mac Edition on the GBE Brokers Homepage.

Mobile trading

If you want to manage your trade(s) on the road just download the latest MT4/MT5 app with metaquotes and install it on your android or iphone. This app is available for iphone, ipad or android phones. Please be advised that it is not recommended to trade on the road without any chart analysis and on such a small trading device but a mobile trading solution can be very helpful to manage your stop loss level or take profit.

Bonus Programme

If you know the attractive bonus programme of ActivTrades you might be delighted that GBE Brokers offers the same. For any round turn (1 Lot opened and closed) the trader gets 1 GBE Dollar as a bonus which is stored in his account. As soon as you have gathered enough GBE Dollars you can start a shopping tour through the GBE Markets Shop and choose attractive bonus prizes such as the iPhone 5 or the new iPad with retina display.

RatingGBE Markets (Website)
5 Stars "Very Good" is a real A-Book-Broker (no market making) and the only solution for small account traders that want to trade DAX, Bund and Dow in microlot steps.

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.