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If you want to have a wide range of trading instruments available, ETX Capital should be the broker of your choice. With ETX Capital you can trade all kinds of common indexes amongst which you will find even the greek and the indian index. In comparison with other forex brokers you can trade more instruments, such as ETFs and Bonds, altogether over 4000 CFDs! Next to the world wide known and appreciated MT4 trading platform ETX offer their own trading solutions as well as binary options trading which can be adapted perfectly to your needs. With this platform you can split your charts on several screens, have a one-click-order panel and you can use a trailing stop without having to run the computer day and night as the trading platform is hosted on a server. If you want to use a trailing stop on your Metatrader 4, please bear in mind that you have to keep your computer switched on, otherwise the trailing stop doesn't work. With the ETX trading platform you can set a trailing stop, switch off your computer and go to bed as this software is running on an ETX Sever. Minimum distance is 10 points or pips. The ETX trading platform offers order types that aren't available on your MT4, for example OCO order (one cancels the other). If one order is triggered the other one is canceled automatically. Of course there's a mobile trading solution available for the ETX platform as well. If you want to use your MT4 platform or have your Expert Advisor run with this exellent broker: no problem. Just keep in mind that the number of tradeable assets on the MT4 platform is slightly limited. If you want to trade with MT4, you have the full range of forex and cfds available as well as some commodities. If you want to trade the full range of assets with ETFs, Bonds and stocks, please switch over to the ETX trading platfom

Trading Platforms

At a glance, ETX Capital has 4 different trading platforms on offer:

  • ETX Binary: Trade Short Term binary options with a high leverage
  • ETX Trader: The perfect tool for beginners that wish to trade on a user friendly platform
  • ETX Trader Pro: The perfect tool for experienced traders who like to trade on a highly sophisticated trading platform
  • ETX MT4: The trading platfom for those who like MT4 and/or who want to run their Expert Advisor with ETX.

The following videos will give you a short introduction into the respective trading platform:

ETX Binary

ETX Trader

ETX Trader Pro


Tradeabale Assets

ETX Capital Markets has a broad range of tradeable assets on offer:

  • Forex: 61 currency pairs
  • Stocks: 3084 Stocks
  • Commodities: 75
  • Bonds and Interests: 14
  • ETFs: 77

60 Percent Bonus on your Deposit

If you want trade higher positions in order to make more money you can take advantage of the 60% bonus offer. The maximum bonus is 6000 GBP which you will get for a deposit of 10.000 EUR/GBP. That means you can trade a balance of 15.000 and thus operate with higher positions and/or a more comfortable risk and money management. As soon as you have traded a certain amount of lots you can withdraw your bonus as well.


ETX offers very competitive Spreads from 0.7 pips on EURUSD. On USDJPY, GBPUSD and AUDUSD 0.9 pips. ETX offers 3 different account models and enables microlot trading (0.01 Lot) which means you can trade even small accounts of several hundered or thousand dollars. Trading with ETX is commission free, all fees are covered with the spread. Minimum deposit with ETX is only 1 €/GBP/USD.

Regulation and Safety of funds

ETX capital is supervised and regulated by the British Financial Authority (FCA), registration number 124721. Customer deposit is administered on segregated accounts. Thus your deposit won't be mixed up with the equitiy of ETX so that in the event of a bankruptcy you will get your money back.

Webinars and Seminars

ETX offers a wide range of webinars and seminars for free in order to facilitate beginners the introduction into the world of trading. ETX is of the opinion that a sophisticated risk and money management is absolutely vital in order to survive in the markets - and so they teach their students and customers. Only if you are aware of the fact that it is absolutely important to protect your balance, the winning trades go it alone. ETX offers trading webinars every week on a regular basis. The webinars cover a wide range of trading related topics such as certain trading strategies, trading binary options, technical analysis, chart patterns and fundamental market events. See a daily video commentary in order to prepare your trading day and your charts. ETX has an impressive crew of professional analysts, daytraders and market experts for you as a customer on offer:

  • Joe Rundle, Head of trading
  • Mark Priest, Head of Index and Equity Markets
  • Ishaq Siddiqi, Market Strategist
  • Richard Wilthsire, Chief Dealer Forex
  • Oliver Bossmann, Market Analyst (Germany)

All these specialists will be giving you a warm welcome at ETX and are ready to enhance and improve your trading skills.

ETX Daily Market Bite

Mobile Solutions

Today the iphone or Android phone is nearly everyone's faithful companion. No wonder that many traders want to control their trades via mobile phone. Have you have had the bad experience of a black out in your room and your computer was affected with a running trade, still without a stop loss in the market? You will be very happy to have mobile trading solution available in order to manage your trade(s) and/or set your Stop Loss. If you need to get out your house quickly just grab your smartpone and manage your trades on the road. Please bear in mind that it is not recommended to open new trades or do a chart analysis via mobile phone, but it is still very good to trail your Stop or to manage open positions. ETX capital has mobile trading solutions available for

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

The ETX iphone solution is by far better than the mobile trading solution for MT4.

ETX Capital Welcome Bonus

Rating ETX Capital (Website)
4 Stars "Good" has a large number of tradeable assets and trading platforms on offer. The spread could be tighter.

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.