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While eToro is rather addressed to the trading beginner, AvaTrade (former AVAFX) is rather the experienced trader’s platform. Nevertheless this forex broker provides even beginners with a lot of teaching and training material. Trading software with AvaTrade is the famous MetaTrader4 (MT4). The best indicator that AvaTrade is even open for private investors: the minimum deposit is only $100 and Ava offers microlot trading (0.01 Lot). There are no commissions or other fees with this broker. Payment is quick and easy via PayPal, wire transfer or credit card. On AvaTrade the trader is always provided with current trading information around the forex market in order to become a successful trader. The maximum leverage is 1:400 which means that you can trade 400 times your deposit if you want. AvaTrade provide their clients with several analyzing tools and all kind of charts. Next to a large choice of currency pairs (60!) you can trade commodities like oil, CFDs, metals and the Bitcoin.

Shorting the Bitcoin

AvaTrade is one of few brokers that offer to sell short the Bitcoin. This new and very volatile online currency is an upcoming trend on the internet. If you don't want to invest in the bitcoin itself just trade Bitcoins via CFD with AvaTrade and even sell it short. The bitcoin is a virtual currency that can't be reproduced endlessly, like for example gold and other precious metals. This is why investors are so keen on the bitcoin in these fiat money days. They buy bitcoins in order to bring their money into safety and avoid inflation. Please note that you don't invest in the Bitcoin itself but only on its price. As other currencies the Bitcoin is tradeable 24/5.

Floating Spreads

Trade with low floating spreads from 0.9 pips on without commissions. The floating spreads are based on the lowest interbank market prices available at the moment you place your order. For example, spread in the EURUSD is between 1 - 1.8 pips, USDJPY between 0.9 - 1.5 pips and GBPUSD between 1.8 and 2.9 pips depending on the liquidity of the market.

Account types

AvaTrade has 4 different account types on offer - depending on your minimum deposit amount: Silver, Gold, Platinum and AvaSelect. Within the different account types you have different services available, such as trading webinars, online courses, reduced withdrawal time, free withdrawal, market analysis, daily signals and flexible trading conditions. The silver account starts with a deposit of $100 heading over to the gold and platinum account with $1000 and $10.000 deposit and ends with the AvaSelect account with a direct dealing room and flexible trading conditions and a minimum deposit of $100.000.

Bonuses with AvaTrade

In order to make the first time deposit as easy as possible AvaTrade offers, as many other brokers, several account types and bonuses:

  1. Deposit: 200 USD | Bonus: 40 USD
  2. Deposit: 500 USD | Bonus: 100 USD
  3. Deposit: 1.000 USD | Bonus: 200 USD
  4. Deposit: 2.500 USD | Bonus: 500 USD
  5. Deposit: 5.000 USD | Bonus: 1.000 USD
  6. Deposit: 7.500 USD | Bonus: 1.500 USD
  7. Deposit: 10.000 USD | Bonus: 2.000 USD
  8. Deposit: 50.000 USD | Bonus: 10.000 USD

Withdrawal of your bonus is possible as soon as you have reached a trading volume of 10.000 of your basical instrument in Euro. Please visit the AvaTrade Website for further details and get your AvaTrade Bonus.

Getting started with AvaTrade

In order to enable their traders the first trading steps, AvaTrade offers a free forex trading training worth $220. There is a free demo account available by means of which you can practice forex trading over a period of 21 days. In your demo account you have all functions and options of a live account – the only difference is that you trade with virtual money until you are fit for the real account. Your virtual deposit is $100.000. You have a 24/5 support at hand via chat, phone or email. Your personal account manager accompanies you during your first trading steps.


Next to the Metatrader 4 platform AvaTrade have their own trading platform: The AvaTrader. See this introduction video into the AvaTrader platform:

Trading Ava with Apple

As a Mac User you might not want to install windows in order to run MT4 or another trading software. Use AvaTrade online. With the helpof this Java based trading platform you can trade from any browser and any OS in the world you want. The Java Webtrader is free of charge and the best trading solution for Mac users. Just log into your AvaTrade account and trade online with your Mac.

Automated Forex Trading

While other traders are still looking for the right trading strategy, you can already take advantage of an automated trading system, known as well as EA (Expert Advisor) or social trading solutions.  How does that work? With AvaTrade you have a large choice of trading strategies available and choose the one that you think fits best to your needs. As soon as you have chosen a strategy it starts working for you – day and night, no matter if you sit in front of your computer or not. Positions are opened and closed automatically, according to a special pattern that led to success in the past. AvaTrade has 3 different kinds of automated forex trading systems on offer:

  1. Ava Mirror Trader
  2. ZuluTrade
  3. API Trading

Security with AvaTrade

If you want to trade in a safe environment, AvaTrade will be the forex broker your choice: There is a large financial institute backing their trader’s fortune with fixed assets worth more than 17 billion dollars. Deposit is managed by Commerzbank FFM (Germany). Communication on the platform is with a 256 SSL encrypting. Within Europe AvaTrade is regulated by the Irish Central Bank. The customer deposit is segregated from the capital of the ava group. In case of insolvency your deposit is backed with up to 100.000 Euros. Furthermore AvaTrade is regulated by the Australien ASIC.

Free Technical Analysis

AvaTrade customers profit from a free technical analysis in order to facilitate your individual trading decision and learn certain trading stategies. See an example for an analysis in the gold chart.

The AvaTrade video tutorial section is is subdivided in four different modules:

  1. Trading beginners
  2. MT4 tutorial
  3. Forex trading strategies
  4. Advanced trading tools

Mobile Trading with AvaTrade

If you are often on the road you will like the AVA Mobile Trader. With this mobile trading solution you can open and close positions on the go. Trade forex with your mobile phone, no matter if you run an MT4 account or an Ava Trader Account . A good solution for all those who are always on the road and have no access to their PC. AvaTrade offers the following mobile trading solutions for your device:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • i-mode

Stock trading with Ava

AvaTrade has recently added various stocks to their CFD portfolio. The advantage: You can trade stocks with a leverage and short them with ease. CFDs have very low trading fees, you just need to pay the spread between bid and ask and CFD trading requires a minimal margin. AvaTrade provides you with a high leverage so that you can make a lot of money even with a minimum deposit. Let's say you want to sell or buy McDonalds stocks worth 10.000 USD/Euro, you just have to deposit a margin of 500 USD/Euros. Stocktrading with AvaTrade is commission free.

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3 Stars "Satisfactory" AvaTrade is the broker of your choice if you would like to trade a Bitcoin CFD. Compared to other forex brokers the spread is slightliy higher.

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.