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The Forex Broker ActivTrades is fairly known amongst traders all over the world. Be it on a traders fair, in a trading magazine or on a trading website - you can hardly escape this FCA regulated Online Broker with a London headquarter. As a part of the financial metropolis in Europe ActivTrades is able to offer their customers strong advantages such as tight spreads and a very fast order execution. With regard to the latest Swiss Franc Shock ActivTrades emphasizes that never ever a customer will have the obligation to make an additional contribution. So your account with ActivTrades can never ever drop below zero. The question of the day is: Can ActivTrades be recommended for beginners and experienced forex traders? The anser is YES. ActivTrades hold their ground in the shark tank of online brokerage since 2001. This is quite a good sign in a business where you can see brokers come and go on a daily basis. In order to remain competitive, ActivTrades has developed further and enhanced its service as well as the range of tradeable assets. ActivTrades used to be an only-currency-broker in the beginning, today you can choose between various instruments ranging from forex over indices and commodities to stocks and bonds. With a lot size as low as 0.01 Lot (1 microlot) even for CFDs ActivTrades is the perfect broker for beginners with small trading accounts.

Trading opportunities

ActivTrades offers over 40 currency pairs, tradeable in 5 digit pricing, precious metals, indices, commodities and bonds. All a succesful daytrader needs for his trading day. You can choose between the Metatrader 4 or 5 platform, any trading style from hedging to scalping is allowed. Offering a low 0.5 pips spread on EURUSD and USDJPY without commissions ActivTrades is one of our cheapest brokers in our forex brokers review. Indices and Commodities can be traded from 0.5 pips on.

Spread betting

ActivTrades is the perfect broker for tax free spread betting with MT4/MT5 and tight spreads from 0.5 pips. There is no dealing desk and a leverage of 1:400 available on all instruments.


ActivTrades is being regulated by the British FCA which means customer deposits must be segregated from the firm's equitiy. By submitting to the severe FCA regulations ActivTrades provides a safe and serious trading environment for traders from all over the world. In case of a business failure FCA regulated brokers reimburse their customers with up to 50.000 GBP. For ActivTrades this was not enough so they set up a special financial security fonds with the FSCS and thus raised the reimbursment to 500.000 GBP for every customer without any additional charge. In times of bail outs and a wave of bankruptcies amongst brokers worldwide for sure an additional trump when you need to make decision for a safe forex broker.

Order execution and requotes

Requotes - these nasty pop ups drive us traders around the globe almost nuts when trying to execute a trade in volatile markets. Do you really want to buy at 1.234xxx? YES, I want!! Especially for scalpers who need a reliable order execution within mili seconds at the requested price requotes are not acceptable. With ActivTrades you can avoid such requotes by choosing the modul "market execution" in a MT4 classic account or an MT5 advantage account. Anyone else can be affected by requotes when choosing the mode "instant execution" instead! (a bit confusing, but that's how it is.) Beginners can start with a free demo account in order to try out the ActivTrades order execution.

Tradeable Assets

With ActivTrades you have available a large choice of tradeable assets from 50 currency pairs, Indices and Bonds, Commodities and singular stocks. If you are specialized in stock trading and don't want to renounce on your dividend but want to short a stock with ease and cheap, ActivTrades could be the broker of your choice. If you hold a long position the dividend is credited on the respective deadline, if you have a short position in a single stock the dividend is deducted from your trading account. CFD Trading is by far cheaper than trading real stocks.

Trading Platforms

You can choose between Metatrader 4 and 5 trading platform, the most popular trading platforms for forex and cfd trading all over the world. Especially for creating and using EAs. The advantage of the MT5 trading platfom is a slightly faster order execution and enhanced backtesting possibilities for your strategy and/or your Expert Advisor. The disadvantage of the MT5 platform is the lack of seperated orders (all orders are being added at once) and no more hedging (being long and short at the same time). On the MT5 account you have a slightly better spread of (0.5 pips) compared to the MT4 account (1.3 pips). With the latest updates from metaquotes (one-click-order, drag and drop limit orders) there's still hardly any difference between those 2 platforms. If you run an MT4 expert advisor, bear in mind that it won't run on the MT5 trading platform as it has to be compiled in MQL5 before.

ActivTrader Platform

The ActivTrader Platform is fast, simple and can be used straight from your browser or any mobile device. Thus you don't necessarily need an MT4/MT5 installation which you will like especially as a Mac or Linux user. Multiple charts are available as well as 90 different indicators to improve your trading results. The ActivTrader platform has one-click trading implemented so that you can quickly enter and exit the market even in volatile situations.

Trading Microlots

Both platforms and account types provide microlots trading (0.01 Lot) thus making ActivTrades attractive for beginners with a small trading account size. With the help of microlots you can scale in and out your trades in a reasonable manner and apply a suitable risk- and moneymanagement. One pip in a microlot equals thus 0,10 USD. With a reasonable risk limit of 30 pips you won't lose more than 3 USD in the worst case which means you can even trade successfully with very small trading accounts.

Mobile trading

Manage your trades while being on the road or on the train with the help of the common metaquotes mobile trading solutions for MT4 and MT5 which are all fairly good. Take advantage of the following mobile trading applications:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Android
  • MT4 Mobile for Smartphone

ActivTrades Extras

In order to compete in the severe forex broker market, ActivTrades offer their customers some special extras that are fairly unique:

  • Additional tools make your trading easier. Take advantage of the different additional trading tools, such as SmartOrder, SmartTemplate or SmartForecast in order to improve your trading decision.
  • Webinars and Seminars: Take advantage of different webinars and seminars in order to learn trading from scratch or attend a special seminar for experienced forex traders in order to learn a new trading stategy.
  • Autochartist: This clever tool will help you to discover profitable chart patterns, such as head and shoulders, triangles and double bottoms. For ActivTrades customers autochartist is absolutely free of charge. Autochartist is really a nice tool that saves your time for screeing all the charts manually.
  • VPS Server: Use your Metatrader installation with a VPS Server and have your Expert Advisor run day and night. Especially for MAC users this option is an asset as they can access their Metatrader via Browser and don't have to install software on their computer. The VPS service is free of charge, provided your trading account equals 5000 USD or more and you trade at least 5 Lots per month.
  • Molanis: If you would like to set up your own trading strategy and/or trading indicator Molanis can be the tool of your choice. With the help of this drag and drop building set you can create your own strategy without any programming skills and have it run through the MT5 strategy tester. You just need to be aware of a fixed and clear trading setup.

ActivTrades Rewards

There is plenty of rewards for active traders. Within the ActivTrades rewards programme you can qualify for a brand new iPad mini 4, 32 GB, an iPad Air 2, 32 GB oder different Samsung rewards such as mobile phones or even a Notebook. The only thing you have to do is opening a live account by clicking on the Link below and you will get credited your first 500 points. During your daily trading routine you will accumulate more and more trading points and as soon as you have a total of 5.000 points you can start looking for a nice reward in the shop. 1 Lot EURUSD per roundturn for example equals 10 reward points for your account.

Payment and withdrawal

ActivTrades now offer their own ActivTrades Mastercard by means of which you can quite easily and quickly fund and withdraw your money. Thus you can withdraw money from your trading account and use it in the next store to go shopping. A minimum balance of 500 € is required to take advantage of the Mastercard.

ActivTrades SmartTemplate

The following short videos give you an introduction into the most important MT4 add ons ActivTrades has on offer.

ActivTrades SmartLines

ActivTrades SmartOrder

ActivTrades SmartForecast

ActivTrades SmartPattern

All these additional trumps are free of charge if you are an ActivTrades client. For some of which your account needs to have an equitiy of at least 5.000 USD or equivalent and a certain amount of round turns per month.

ActivTrades promotional video

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RISK WARNING: Daytrading includes products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses in excess of your deposited funds. The products may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.